Cantilever Racking Systems

How does a heavy duty cantilever racking system work?

Cantilever racks are an extremely versatile and robust form of storage for long and heavy loads, or awkward items such as pipes, steel or timber. Products are supported across two or more arms on fitted decks in the heavy duty racking system, which are positioned across runs of cantilever arms. The products are then handled by forklift trucks, crane systems, or manually.

System Features

As the Pallet Racking System is modular, additional arms, racks, uprights and braces may be added if storage requirements change. It is also possible to create extra-wide shelves to suit loads of varying lengths. The racking systems can also be powder coated or galvanised for external use, making them perfect for use in multiple environments.

Cantilever systems are available in light and heavy-duty finishes to suit individual applications. The heavy-duty version is often wall fixed, and can carry a load of up to 5 tonnes per arm.

What is a Cantilever?

A cantilever is a long bar or beam that’s only supported at one end to form a structure and is a practical form of racking for storing long items such as timber, pipes and building materials.

Cantilever racking systems are solid structures with several strong arms leaning away from the frame, allowing for a range of heavy or lighter items and long loads to be neatly stacked between the arms, optimising storage space. These are often fixed along the wall, with racking at the internals.

Our pallet racking is easy to install (DIY) and comes with adjustable Arms to suit your requirements. It is durable and has strong load capacities.

Buy confidently with us as all our products fully complies with Australian Standards AS4084, comes with standard warranty and compatible with Australia’s leading racking product like Dexion and many others.